Saturday, July 26, 2008

Notepad Tabs

View multiple text files in a single notepad. Easily switch from one file to another through tabs at the top of the frame.


  • Different from classic notepad, ´Notepad Tabs´ gives the freedom to view multiple text files in a single Notepad just like in IE7 and Firefox, which saves you from the mess in the taskbar.

  • You can easily select and navigate through open tabs in a single Notepad programme.

  • User friendly interface gives easy access to frequently used commands.

  • Unlike classic notepad you can choose 5 different themes;
    -> Office 2007 Blue
    -> Office 2007 Silver
    -> Office 2007 Black
    -> Professional Office 2003
    -> Professional System


Instant File Name Search

Instant File Name Search (IFNS) is a fast and easy to use search tool. You can instantly search files by name or wildcards on your computer or local network

Main features:

  • Instant search of files by name or wildcards

  • Support of Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT)

  • Search in various directories or LAN resources

  • Easy to use, Explorer like user interface

  • Database management (you can create several databases)

  • Taskbar icon and hot keys for quick access

IFNS requires Win95/98/ME or WinNT/2000/XP/Vista


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Disable Adobe Reader Popup For Updates

Most of us use adobe reader for reading pdf documents, the most annoying problem with adobe reader is the pop window which pops up every time you open adobe reader.
You may have pressed the cancel button so many times, but it again pops up when ever you load or start adobe reader.

The pop up window can be stopped by showing up, by disabling updates in adobe reader.

Uncheck the option highlighted in the image above which says: Display notification dialog at startup and click OK.
That’s it Done.

Add Programs To Your StartUp Easily

It occurs sometimes when you may like to add a program to your start up by dragging the program shortcut in All Programs >> Startup
But there is more better way to do it, which could save your time and make it simple. (as seen in the image below)

Yes, you can add a shortcut to your startup folder in the send to menu, and when you want to add any program to startup with windows startup, you can right click on the program shortcut and select Startup.
Let’s see how can you do this tweak.

1. Open Start >> All programs and locate Startup and right click on it to create desktop shortcut to its location.
2. Open the following path in windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\username\SendTo
3. Copy the shortcut of Startup folder and paste it into Sendto folder you have opened.
4. That’s it, After following all the steps above you will see startup folder shortcut in Send To menu.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Retrieve Windows And Office Product Keys

The Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder is a freeware utility that retrieves your Product Key (cd key) used to install windows from your registry. It is a single .exe file. Just download it and run it to instantly retrieve your Windows Product key. It retrieves the key of Office as well. It also lets you change the product key.

With the Keyfinder you can retrieve the Product keys of installations on a remote computer in the network.

Once retrieved you copy the key to clipboard, save it to a text file, or print it for safekeeping. It works on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Windows Vista, Office 97, Office XP, and Office 2003.

Download Keyfinder

Free Online Video Converter

Flvix is a free online video converter.
With Flvix you can convert videos in YouTube, Google video, flv files etc to the desired format in just 4 steps:

1.Copy the link of the page with the video on it and paste it in the textbox bellow.
2. Choose desired format : AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP, MP3.
3. Click Convert button.
4. Download the converted file.
As simple as that.

You could easily convert your favorite online videos to either 3GP or MP4 and view the video in your mobile phone.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

How To Disable XP Boot Up Screen

How many times do you find yourself staring mindlessly at the boot screen during Windows startup? I couldn’t even estimate the total amount of time I have wasted staring at the flowing blue bar. Here I will cover the steps to eliminate XP’s boot up screen. Not only will it save you the pain of staring at Microsoft’s logo, but it may actually shave a bit of time off the booting process.
In demonstrating this quick and simple tip, I am using XP Professional SP3. First click Start >> Run and type in ‘msconfig’ (without the quotes) and click OK.

The System Configuration Utility will open, now click on the BOOT.INI tab. From the list under Boot Options place a check mark next to “NOGUIBOOT” and click OK.

You will then be prompted to restart, and when you do the familiar XP boot up screen will be long gone! This will only work for Windows XP.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Convert JPEG, BMP and PNG Images to ICO Format

Imagicon is a free graphics utility designed to convert multiple image files from BMP, JPG or PNG image formats into any of the following image formats (24-bit)- Windows or OS/2 Bitmap (BMP), Independent JPEG Group (JPG), Portable Network Graphics (PNG) and Windows Icon (ICO). Imagicon is a small utility which is less than 1MB size and is supported on Windows 98/2000/ME/NT/XP/Vista. All you need is to drag and drop the files into the windows and its converted and saved to the default location.

Imagicon has options to set the default save format and also other settings. If you converting to .ico format, the dimension of the icons can be set.

While converting images, you can set the image quality for JPG images. Options are available to transform images and enable alpha transparency of icons. The interface window of Imagicon can be personalized with custom designs

Imagicon is a simple and free utility which can come handy for quick conversion of images.

Download Imagicon

Reduce Image Attachment size Using Shrink Pic

Many time when we want to sent large images as attachments, we first need to reduce the image size using image editor or else upload the image to free hosting sites and then sent the download link. Not anymore, here is a simple freeware, Shrink Pic, which can do the job of resizing images on the fly.

There are 3 levels of compression, High, Medium and low and also custom level compression. Once you install Shrink Pic, it automatically detects when you’re sending large photo files and compresses them in the background. It has a taskbar icon which tells you it’s waiting for photos to be sent. When it detects that you re sending a large photo, it automatically creates a temporary file and then compresses the copy and sends it instead of the original image. The original image is never altered.

Shrink Pic can be used when emailing images, it automatically detects images from Outlook Express and also with webmail, such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! mail and others.

It can also be used while uploading images to web galleries or blogs and also sending images through Skype and Windows Messenger. You can upload photos using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera. Shrink Pic will detect these uploads and automatically shrink and compresses those photos for you. You can check the complete list of supported platforms here.

Download Shrink Pic

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Turn Off Ribbon In Office 2007

Ribbon is one of the notable changes in Office 2007. Ribbon occupies lot of space on the top of all programs. Although the ribbon has lot of features built into it, sometimes it can be annoying to have too big header. For this the Ribbon can be turned off as well.

Ribbon in Office 2007

There are many ways to turn the Ribbon off.

1. Click the down arrow to the right of Quick access toolbar and then select minimize the Ribbon option.

2. Second option is much simpler than the first one, all you need is to double click the current active tab on the ribbon. The ribbon disappears and double click again to get it back.

3. Press Ctrl+ F1 and ribbon becomes invisible. Clicking Ctrl+F1 again will make it active.

Docx File Converters

Docx is the new file format of Word 2007 and this is the default format of Word 2007. This format cannot be opened in previous versions of Word unless you have the office compatibility pack installed. Incase you do not wish to install the compatibility pack, there are online converters to do the job of converting to .doc format. Here is the list of top 3 online converters.

1. Zamzar: Zamzar can convert variety of file formats and Docx is one of them. Select the file and format to be converted and enter your email id, the file will be converted and a link will be sent to your email ID for download.

2. Docx2Doc: As the name indicated, this service converts docx formats into doc files so that it can be viewed in Word 2003 or lower. The major disadvantage with this service its that there is a one hour delay in downloading the converted files to reduce website bandwidth.

3. Docx Converter: This is again a good service to convert Docx file and the output file is in html format so that it can be read in all systems. There is also a desktop widget for converting.

In case you just want to view a docx file, then there is a simpler way for this. Rename the extension of file from .docx to .zip and then extract the contents. Docx is basically a set of xml files. When you unzip the file, you get a folder named Word and inside that you can see a file named document.xml. To view the contents of the document, open document.xml.

If there are other services, please do mention it in comments.

Tips To Create Good Password

One of important problems with passwords is that because we have the tendency of forgetting them, we land up creating some easy password which are prone to be hacked. Its important that our password has enough security as well as its easy to remember.

Here are few simple tips for creating a good password:

Never use your personal information as password- Most of the people have the tendency of using the personal information like date of birth, name, telephone numbers, pet name etc as passwords. Its easy for hackers to get your personal information.

Do not use actual words- Never use actual or real words as passwords, because they are the ones prone to be hacked. In internet world there are lots of tools and softwares for hackers to get the passwords, so its always better to have a combination of words, unless the word itself is long.

Use combination of words and characters- Using a combination of words and characters is the best way to make a good password. Combination of words can be usage of lower case and upper case alphabets, numerics and special characters like ‘_’, ‘&’, ‘.’ etc.

Do not use same passwords for all- Most of us have the tendency of using the same passwords for all the sites for ease of remembering. This is again a wrong concept. Having different passwords gives more security as even if at all one of your password is hacked, other remain safe.

Change your password frequently- Developing the habit of changing your passwords once in a month or two is again a good way to secure passwords. Do not use the passwords again and again, make new passwords while changing old ones.

Use password managers- Password managers are handy tools for remembering and securing passwords. Shankar has reviewed few online password managers.

Use passphrases- Using passphrases, you can create a password which is hard to crack, but easy to remember. Eg: “My Password is not easy to crack”, you can make a password out of this sentence- mpine2c. You can replace ‘to’ with ‘2′ and also use a combination of lower case and upper case.

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