Monday, November 26, 2007

Record Live Audio Conversation on any VoIP Client

SoliCall, a free and small [700kb] Windows utility that lets you record audio conference calls over any IM client and it also reduces the unwanted background noise during your voice chat thereby improving voice quality.

Once installed, to record your audio chat with Solicall, set the audio settings of your messenger by pointing the Audio In (microphone) and the Audio Out (speakers) to SoliCall Audio Device. This should help you record audio chats on Skype, GTalk, Windows Live, Yahoo!, MSN Messenger, or any other VoIP client.

A big advantage of using Solicall is that you can comfortably make business calls from your computer without having to worry about the disrupting background sounds like people talking, sound of the air conditioner fan or even the keyboard ticking sound. Solicall will filter [or atleast reduce] that noise clutter for you.

Quick Tip: If the person on the other side of the audio conference call complains of hearing an echo, try turning down the volume of your microphone.


Huge Collection of Keyboard Shortcuts

If you like keyboard shortcuts, you’ll love the site called KeyXL. It says it is the largest online database for keyboard shortcuts and gives this description:

Our keyboard shortcut database is searchable by software program and covers all
the major operating environments including Windows, Macintosh, Linux and
browser-based applications.
I took a quick look around and I have to say that the site has a lots of shortcuts. I like the shortcuts very much but the trouble is that, there are so many shortcuts that it becomes difficult to remember all. But i must say, it is certainly the biggest collection of keyboard shortcuts that i have came across.

You can check out the Windows XP keyboard Shortcuts here.

Search Videos in a Single Click

In this world videos are becoming the major source of entertainment and a major time pass element. There are hell lots and loads of websites that contains enormous videos and if one try to search a particular video on a single website it will consume your time. If you have experienced this, than you can understand the situation well.

Now in this world everybody needs a shortcut for everything and internet made it very easy similarly theres a shortcut called DADX for videos.
It is basically a search engine in which you will have to enter the related keyword of your desired videos then will show the possible result in a single window and it will search all the websites.

Affiliated with :
You Tube.
Google Videos.
Live Video.
Daily Motion.
Live Leak.
V Social.
Yahoo Videos.
Vidi Life.
Zippy Videos.
Video Spud.
Un Cut.
Vid Shadow.
Search for Video.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cut Down The Boot Time (Disable Splash Screen XP)

It is possible to disable XP splash screen, which will slightly speed up the overall boot process. Be aware that removing the splash screen will also cause you not to see any boot-up messages that might come up (chkdsk, convert ... ), but if your system runs without any problems then it should not matter.

1. Edit boot.ini ( Type C:\boot.ini in Address Bar to open it )

2. Add " /noguiboot" right after "/fastdetect".

(or check the /noguiboot switch in msconfig on the boot.ini tab)

Upon restarting, the splash screen will be gone. It can be re-enabled by removing the new switch.

Below is an unique technique for XP, which could improve the performance significantly by tweaking the prefetcher (which is a cache folder).

1. Run "regedit";

2. Goto [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters\EnablePrefetcher];

3. Set the value to either 0-Disable, 1-App launch prefetch, 2-Boot Prefetch, 3-Both ("3" is recommended).

4. Reboot.

It should decrease the boot time and the time it takes to load programs.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Wobzip - Uncompress zip file on the fly

Wobzip is a web based service which offer unzip compression file on the fly.

Sometimes, you may go to your friends house and download some zip file. But, maybe your friend PC don’t install and software to uncompress it, so how? Wobzip can help you by providing uncompress service on the fly. It suppost various format, and the maximum file size supported is 100MB!
The way using it is very simple. Simply click the ‘Browse’ button and upload your file, then wait. After Wobzip uncompress it, you will see the link to the file.

If the zip file is store in web server and you wish to uncompress it, simply use this URL: The same screen will appear after Wobzip uncompress the file. Cool? You not even need to download the zip file. And, one more interesting feature is, Wobzip provide virus scanning to the zip file. So, when you would like to open some zip file which may contain virus, open it with Wobzip, it will scan for you.

But, Wobzip is quite new and still has some limitation, such as they not support unicode and encrypt file. They will try to make it soon and they are welsome users to send them any bugs found.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Catch Invisible Yahoo Messenger Friends.

Nowadays, people sometimes purposely change their IM status to “appear offline/invisible”. Xeeber is a website which can let you find out who is online and who is offline. Just enter their name and Xeeber will show their status.

This service is really cool as it can easily show your contact’s status by just key in the yahoo ID. But, sometimes people switch their status to “invisible” maybe they got urgent things to do and don’t want people to disturb them. So, please use this carefully and don't disturb your friend if they really busy.

Another website which provide similar service is Invisible Scanner, which is developed by Vietnam user.

Both of them can actually grab the display picture of your contacts, even they are not online.

Friday, November 9, 2007

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How to Write a Windows XP Driver

This document describes the steps you should take to create a Microsoft® Windows® XP driver for your device. To create a Windows XP device driver:

  • Install the current Windows DDK. Read the system requirements and installation instructions in the stand-alone Getting Started HTML file supplied with the DDK.

  • Read Getting Started with Windows Drivers. This document guides you through the planning and decision-making process involved in making a Windows device driver from design through distribution. You should also look through the DDK documentation for device-type-specific information.

The DDK documentation set has the following device-type-specific nodes:

  • Battery Devices

  • Display and Print Devices

  • IEEE 1284.4 Devices

  • Interactive Input Devices

  • Modem Devices

  • Multifunction Devices

  • Network Devices and Protocols

  • Parallel Ports and Devices

  • Serial Ports and Devices

  • Smart Card Devices

  • Still Image Devices

  • Storage Devices

  • Streaming Devices (Video and Audio)

  • Devices Requiring VDDs

  • IDE bus are described in System Support for Buses. Driver development for most device types also requires a strong understanding of Windows operating system fundamentals, which are described in Kernel-Mode Driver Architecture.

  • Look through the driver source code provided with the DDK for a sample that represents your device type. Use the sample code where possible, modifying it for your device's specifics.

  • The sample code can enhance your understanding of Windows XP driver implementation requirements and speed your development time.

  • Compile and build your driver. This should be done using the Build utility and not some other compiler, because the Build utility has certain features that are necessary for driver development.

  • Obtain a checked build of Windows XP, so that you can test and debug your driver using free and checked system builds.

  • The checked build of Windows XP provides extensive kernel-mode debugging capabilities not available in the free build.

  • Create an INF file so that you can install and test your driver.

  • Test and debug your driver. You should use Driver Verifier, a program that puts your driver through a variety of tests, stresses, and deliberate failures in order to test its response and reliability in many extreme situations. You should also use a debugger. Microsoft provides several powerful debuggers that can monitor and debug kernel-mode and user-mode drivers.
    Using Driver Verifier in conjunction with these debuggers, on both the checked and free versions of the operating system, can be a powerful way to test your driver.

  • Provide an installation package so that customers can install devices that use your driver.

  • Submit your driver and installation package to Microsoft so that it can be digitally signed.

There are many resources available to you while developing your driver. The following sites describe some of the support available to you:

Tips Tricks And Collections Headline Animator