Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Change Desktop Icons To ListView

Has it ever bothered you that you can't change the size of the icons on your XP desktop? Thankfully they added this ability into Windows Vista, but what are your options in the meantime?

There's a small utility called Deskview that lets you change the icons from regular mode into the smaller "list" mode with a double-click. It's as simple as that.

Download and extract the zipfile, and then double-click on deskview.exe, and your icons will turn from this:

To bring them back to regular mode, just double-click on deskview.exe again.
Download Deskview.exe from jimcofer.com

Ubuntu Transformation Pack

System Files:

1. imageres.dll (C:\WINDOWS\System32,contains almost every icon)
2. shell32.dll (C:\WINDOWS\System32)
3. wordpad.exe (C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accesories)
4. mspaint.exe (C:\WINDOWS\System32)
5. notepad.exe (C:\WINDOWS\System32)
6. sidebar.exe (C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar)
7. explorer.exe (C:\WINDOWS)
8. regedit.exe (C:\WINDOWS)
9. cmd.exe (C:\WINDOWS\System32)
10. SnippingTool.exe (C:\WINDOWS\System32)
11. wmplayer.exe (C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player)


1. Human for Vista
2. Human Emblems By HYDRATTZ
3. SmartFlip
4. Yod’m 3D
5. Icon Resources for Iconpackager

Homepage: http://hydrattz.deviantart.com/
Download: Ubuntu_Transformation_Pack_by_HYDRATTZ.rar

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

PhotoOnWeb Album Creator 0.8.5

PhotoOnWeb is a software to create your own photo album with digital pictures and host it on the internet. The software offers quick and easy creation and customization of the album (more than 20 different templates to match the theme of your pics).

Sort your photos in multiple albums, pick a template and click on the Publish button. PhotoOnWeb does it all for you, resizes the photos, builds the website and publishes it on the Internet.

Super Finder

Powerful replacement for Windows(R) built-in search. Search files, folders and other data efficiently and easily.


  • “True” search text in file (unicode also)

  • Search for hexadecimal pattern in file

  • Full wildcard support

  • ´Smart Search´ mode: search for partial names or extensions without wildcards

  • File exclusion list (by file extensions or full/partial name)

  • NEW: Multiple instances capability (Polygamy)

  • Selectable search also for folders

  • Remember all last settings (selectable)

  • Shell find integration: “Search… (with Super Finder)” on Drives or Folders

  • Explorer Right-click contextual menu on found files list

  • Program activation by pressing “Search” hotkey on keyboard

  • Drag & Drop (Copy) from found files list

  • One-click file operations: Open, Copy, Delete, Explore, Rename, Properties

  • Check for program updates feature

  • Tray icon management

  • Multilanguage: English, Italian, Romanian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Galician, Croatian, German, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Slovak, Arabic, Traditional Chinese , Portuguese (Brazil), Serbian, Polish, Ukrainian, Valencian, Japanese and Hungarian with support for non latin languages translations.

  • Free support forum for bugs report or requests

Download: setup_SuperFinder.exe

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

RoundPic - Add Rounded Corners To Your Pictures

RoundPic , an online rounded making tool for making anti-aliased rounded corners for avatars and images in web 2.0 style. With RoundPic, you can easily add rounded corners to your images via online.

It is very easy to use, simply browse for the image on your computer or enter the URL link of the image and hit the ‘RoundIt!’ button. RoundPic will generate a corner, with your custom colors, size and quality or the image. Check out the below images before and after getting rounded.

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