Monday, March 24, 2008

Folder Color Icon Set 1.0

Folder Color icon set is a must-have for any computer user who has lots of folders and would like to organize them for faster search and quick retrieval. The set of 36 color coded XP folder icons can be used to mark out file folders to make folders easier to spot.

With Microsoft Windows, you have a FREE way to change a folder color. You just need colored folder icons. This is what you get downloading this icon set. This set of 36 color coded folder icons includes any colors you may wish to color folder. Starting from Red and finishing by Black.

How to change folder colors in the standard Windows way:

1. First, you should select and right-click the folder

2. Secondly, select Properties from the drop-down menu

3. Thirdly, select Customize tab in the dialog

4. Then click on Change Icon? button

5. Select an icon from the suggested list

6. And change the icon by clicking on OK and then Apply button

Six steps to change a folder icon are too many!Hopefully, there is one small utility that can do the same in a very different manner than Windows, actually in ONE click, and users will have a better choice of options and icons. The utility is called Folder Marker and it can be downloaded at . With Folder Marker folder icons can be changed ON THE FLY from the right-click menu of a folder.Color code folders to make them easy to find!

Publisher: ArcticLine Software
License: Freeware
System Requirement: video card
OS Support: Win 3.1x Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT 3.x WinNT 4.x WinXP Windows2000 Windows2003 Windows CE Windows Mobile 2003 Unix Linux Linux Console Linux Gnome Linux GPL MS-DOS AS/400 OS/2 OS/2 Warp OS/2 Warp 4 MAC
Price: $ 0
Filesize: 446.20 KB
Download: download link #1

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tools & Sites To Create Tag Cloud

A compilation of tools, sites and code snippets to create tag cloud:

ZoomClouds: create a tag cloud using any RSS feed. Using a small snippet code embed the cloud on any web page (e.g. TechCrunch tag cloud). It has its API using which you can have better control over the cloud you create and also build powerful mashups.

Tagline Generator: a simple PHP codebase that lets you generate chronological tag clouds from simple text data sources (e.g: US Presidential Speeches Tag Cloud)

TagCrowd: web-based tag cloud generator. Manually enter text or upload a text file to create a tag cloud.

IBM Many Eyes: The Many Eyes tag cloud can show one of two kinds of data: free text, or a two-column table of tags and numbers.

ToCloud: It has a page to cloud tool which takes a URL and creates a tag cloud from it. I tried one for technacular which can be found here.

ZoomTags: you can put small (or large) tag clouds on your web page and earn revenue from your web site

Cloud Control for ASP.NET

Tag Cloud Builder: cut and paste the text to be clouded and create the cloud.

Ultimate Tag Warrior 3: for Wordpress

How To Make a Tag Cloud using CFML

Tagcloud Font Distributor: assign font sizes to tags based on their counts (PHP based)

How to Make a Tag Cloud for Movable Type Blogs

Tagadelic: Tag cloud for Drupal

CodeProfessor: Building A Tag Cloud in WordPress

Creating a Tag Cloud in ASP.NET

Designing With Code: How to Create a Tag Cloud

Building a tag cloud in Java

Tag Cloud with Database: PHP and MySQL

A Tag cloud solution in Django

HTML::TagCloud: Perl module to generate tag cloud

Tips Tricks And Collections Headline Animator