Friday, November 16, 2007

Wobzip - Uncompress zip file on the fly

Wobzip is a web based service which offer unzip compression file on the fly.

Sometimes, you may go to your friends house and download some zip file. But, maybe your friend PC don’t install and software to uncompress it, so how? Wobzip can help you by providing uncompress service on the fly. It suppost various format, and the maximum file size supported is 100MB!
The way using it is very simple. Simply click the ‘Browse’ button and upload your file, then wait. After Wobzip uncompress it, you will see the link to the file.

If the zip file is store in web server and you wish to uncompress it, simply use this URL: The same screen will appear after Wobzip uncompress the file. Cool? You not even need to download the zip file. And, one more interesting feature is, Wobzip provide virus scanning to the zip file. So, when you would like to open some zip file which may contain virus, open it with Wobzip, it will scan for you.

But, Wobzip is quite new and still has some limitation, such as they not support unicode and encrypt file. They will try to make it soon and they are welsome users to send them any bugs found.

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