Saturday, October 25, 2008

WebForum Reader

Web Forum Reader is uniquely designed for reading Internet forums and conferences. You can easily add your favorite forums to Web Forum Reader to stay informed about updates and changes on those forums without loading them in your browser. Web Forum Reader saves your time by showing the new and updated topics while hiding topics you have already read. Web Forum Reader will also reduce the amount of data you download, compared to regular reading using a browser.

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Hide Files And Folders Using Hide-Files

Hide Files allows you to select any folders (and sub folders with files) of your choice to protect as hidden files and folders. You can select any folders on your computer or drag-and-drop the desired folders from Windows Explorer into the Hide Files window. In one mouse click the folders selected become invisible. Once files or folders are hidden, it is impossible to find them, or access and remove any file.

Unhiding files or folders is as easy as hiding them - just one mouse click and they are visible and accessible to you again. If program folder or whole disks are hidden, itself program or Windows will continue to work normally.


  1. Any number of files and folders may be hidden at the same time.
  2. No one but you can access your hidden files or folders.
  3. Program does not modify file system structure.
  4. Hotkey and password protection for program start.
  5. Stealth Mode - program itself can be hidden.
  6. Locking of hidden files to prevent access to them via list of most recently used files.
  7. Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.
  8. Full Windows platforms compatibility.
  9. NTFS, FAT32 and FAT file systems are supported.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Open Command Prompt From Any Folder

Yes, You heard it right.It is possible to launch a command prompt from any folder on your computer. This way when the command prompt opens, it is already in the directory you wish to be in.
(Note: This tutorial involves modifying the Windows Registry and if you do not feel comfortable doing this, please do not continue as we can not be held responsible for any mistakes that are made)

  • Goto Run and type "regedit".
  • Next goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Classes/Folder/Shell.
  • Here, we can see our source location for this guide which is "shell".
  • Right-click on “shell” and highlight “New” and select “Key”.
  • It will create the key and allow you to name it. Call it “Command Prompt”.
  • On the right pane you will see a REG_SZ called default. Double-click on it.
  • A box will popup where you type the name what you want to appear on the menu when you right-click on the folder in which you want to open the command prompt.
  • Next, create a new key within our “Command Prompt” Key that we made earlier. To do this right-click in the right pane and hover over new and select “key”.
  • Name this key “command”.
  • Once you select “command” you will see the “Default” key on the right. Double click on it to enter in the default data.
  • Enter this as the default data (withour the quotes) "Cme.exe /k pushd %L".

Now close everything and right-click on any folder. You will be able to see the option of command prompt which will open the prompt with the address of the current directory.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some Cool Image Search Engines (Search By Colors))

Image search is evolving quickly. Today you don’t even need to use words to search images. Now you can use colors!. That’s right you can search images by color.


PicItUp is a visual image search engine that combines word-based with color based search.
Test it: search for [autumn] and choose any color from the left column (I chose yellow). Now let’s look at the results.

Unlike the above one, with the Flickr-based Multicolr service you can combine as many colors as you want.
Test it: choose several colors and watch how the image list changes with each color added (I combined purple and light purple)
Etsy, an online shop of handmade products, has developed color search for their own product database.
Test it: It’s real fun to play with. Just browse your mouse across the screen and watch various colors and same-palette products pop up.

Arent this search engines really cool and useful.
They definitely have a nice look, interesting features and cool display.

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