Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tips To Create Good Password

One of important problems with passwords is that because we have the tendency of forgetting them, we land up creating some easy password which are prone to be hacked. Its important that our password has enough security as well as its easy to remember.

Here are few simple tips for creating a good password:

Never use your personal information as password- Most of the people have the tendency of using the personal information like date of birth, name, telephone numbers, pet name etc as passwords. Its easy for hackers to get your personal information.

Do not use actual words- Never use actual or real words as passwords, because they are the ones prone to be hacked. In internet world there are lots of tools and softwares for hackers to get the passwords, so its always better to have a combination of words, unless the word itself is long.

Use combination of words and characters- Using a combination of words and characters is the best way to make a good password. Combination of words can be usage of lower case and upper case alphabets, numerics and special characters like ‘_’, ‘&’, ‘.’ etc.

Do not use same passwords for all- Most of us have the tendency of using the same passwords for all the sites for ease of remembering. This is again a wrong concept. Having different passwords gives more security as even if at all one of your password is hacked, other remain safe.

Change your password frequently- Developing the habit of changing your passwords once in a month or two is again a good way to secure passwords. Do not use the passwords again and again, make new passwords while changing old ones.

Use password managers- Password managers are handy tools for remembering and securing passwords. Shankar has reviewed few online password managers.

Use passphrases- Using passphrases, you can create a password which is hard to crack, but easy to remember. Eg: “My Password is not easy to crack”, you can make a password out of this sentence- mpine2c. You can replace ‘to’ with ‘2′ and also use a combination of lower case and upper case.

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