Tuesday, June 17, 2008

URLOpener - Open Multiple URL's At Same Time

URLOpener is a nice app that makes it a easy to open multiple URLs at the same time. Sure this may not be useful for everyone out there, but it is definitely useful for some of us.

If you have received a list of URLs you received through an email or a spreadsheet or a text file, and you want to open them all at once instead of opening each, this is the exact reason Brad has developed this tool.

Check the tool if you open multiple urls at times, just copy paste all the urls in the text box and hit submit, it will show a message with all URls and a button which reads “Open All”, click that it will open all the URLs

One suggestion to Brad, why not make it open when i hit submit instead of showing Open All button again, beacause I know I want to open all the urls in the first place.

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