Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Create EXE package with built-in Windows tool

There’re many freeware/paid utility softwares available to zip/unzip/create self-extracting package for files & folders. Microsoft Windows comes with a handy tool for us to create self-extracting package.

Here’re the steps:
1. Go to start —> run —> type "iexpress".
2. This will open an IExpress wizard, choose “create new self extraction directive file” and press next.
3. Select “extract files only” and press next, and enter a package name.
4. After you name package, press next, until you asked to add files into your package.
5. Add files/folders, and press next to continue.
6. Press Next for the following dialog boxes. After that, provide target path and filename for your package, and you can choose to either create a Self Extraction Directive file or not.
7. That’s it. Next click the filename.exe to extract.

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